Control Center operations

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How can I register with the Control Center?Do I need to
purchase SmartCast for getting User name and Password for
logging into Control Center? 
FastVDO offers SmartCast Control Center service through
which you can manage,configure and control your SmartCast
remotely. To access Control Center service, visit SmartCast
product page and click on login
to Control Center

       *First time users have to sign up and register to
Control Center service. Itís free!
       *A confirmation email will be sent to you.
       *Please complete and verify your registration by
following the link in the email
       *Once registered, you can login to the control center and

       *Add your SmartCast

       *Configure your SmartCast settings

       *Manage and stream from your SmartCast

You need not buy a SmartCast for getting user name and
password for logging into Control Center.

I have a username and password, but i am unable login to
Control Center?
Send an e-mail to requesting username
and password.

My SmartCast is Powered Up, but I am unable to see it in my
Control Center?          
Check if your router is DHCP enabled and If MAC address
filtering is enabled, add the SmartCast MAC ID (Located on the
bottom of the box) to allow the SmartCast to pull an IP address.

Check the LINK LED on the SmartCast front panel,if its
blinking then it indicates that SmartCast is initialized but
failed to get internet access. Check internet connectivity
on the network port.

Depending on the content, it is advisable to have a
sustained uplink bandwidth of 1.5 times the total audio and
video bit-rate used for streaming.